No Need to Download Sysinternals Tools

If you’re a Windows user then you’ve likely come across Sysinternals at some point during your time. Although a lot of people may know of it not everyone uses it to its maximum potential.

If you’ve ever been in a position with a unexplainable BSOD, unhelpful error dialogs, then check out Mark Russinovich’s “The Case of the Unexplained” webcasts where he’ll give tips on figuring out what dialogs like these actually mean:

Outlook Express Dialog

Anyway you don’t actually need to download the tools as they have been made available as a share at \\\Tools\

So you can add them as a network drive for easy access

Are Older Programmers Still Viable?

Found this interesting video on whether older programmers can still be relevant. A good question considering I’m now in my thirties and Mark Zuckerberg famously said:

“If you’re over 30, you’re a slow old man” ~ Mark Zuckerberg

(at the time of writing Mark Zuckerberg is 32yrs old - the same age as me)

Along with a string of other similar statements from Zuck and major people at Intel, etc.

I wonder if Zuckerberg’s opinion has changed since he reached 30?

Anyway on to the video which I think hits the nail on the head:

tldw; Basically if you don’t keep up with the trends you will become a dinosaur. But that goes for everyone in every industry.

Thankfully I’m pretty comfortable embracing new technologies! In fact I’m obsessed with checking out new tech and that obsession doesn’t seem to be abating anytime soon.

Hexo and Other Static Site Generators on Reddit

If you’re interested about jumping on the growing static site generator ecosystem and your a Reddit user be sure to check out these Subs for your favourite static site generator:

There’s also a main directory for all these subs being maintained at: /r/staticgen

Check them out, contribute, find your favourite, get involved!

PHP is an Auto-Tri-MountainBike-Car

This is a rewrite of an old joke regarding PHP I did a while back. PHP has come a long way since but I think my description still stands today. I got the original idea after reading this: **If Programming Languages Were Cars.

Here’s my take on PHP as a ‘car’:

PHP Logo

PHP was a mountian bike that got crow barred into a tricycle. Its had a lawn mower engine strapped to its rear wheels and a turbo made from washing machine ducting kitted round the front. To keep it all going a set of stabilisers and prayer beads have been chucked on. The only thing that rea;lly makes it a car is that in most countries it needs a license to drive legally on the roads.

Attempts have been made to re-invent the death trap such as HHVM and PHP7 but its still the same old mess under i all - *does that method have an underscore in it again? Is it haystack needle or vice versa? Oh god - check the manual we may need to jumpstart it!

PHP will get you from A to B but its not as reliable or friendly as that Python and Ruby model that just hovered past.

Laravel: Failed to connect to port 80

If you are getting the following error when starting a new project on OSX especially the latest versions:
[curl] 7: Failed to connect to port 80: Operation timed out [url]

The simple answer is you are using an old version of Laravel’s installer. As of writing this blog it is at version 1.3.1. Even if you have followed the install procedures given on the Laravel site you may still be suffering this issue.

Execute this command:

% where laravel

If the result is something like this /usr/local/bin/laravel instead of your local home directory being the first entry then I can guarantee you are running an older version which is overriding the versuin you have installed. Most likely version 1. BNext type this to confirm: laravel --version.

% laravel --version

Laravel Craft version 1.0.0

As you can see it seems on this machine version 1.0.0 is still the one being executed.

To solve the problem simply run % rm /usr/local/bin/laravel

Then redo the installation and make sure the new installation is pointed to in your .bashrc or .zshrc $PATH variable.

When you finally get the right version you should see something like this:

% laravel --version                                                                                                           

Laravel Installer version 1.3.1